QuickBooks Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the QuickBooks Login:

The Quickbooks Login Page:

1. To get to the right login page, you need to visit this site: http://www.intuit.com/ As mentioned before, this is actually the home page of intuit, but intuit is the host of quickbooks online, so don't worry. Also, don't scramble around trying to find the login area on your own. It is sort of hidden in plain sight. Refer to the next step for help.
2. Now, the login area is hidden among all the blue links at the very top of the page. The one right of the middle that says "sign in" with a little arrow next to it is what you need to click on.
3. Click next on the second link from the bottom on the left hand site list of links. This link is for "quickbooks online."
4. Did you think it would take this many steps to just barely start to see the two-step login? Yeah, real intuitive intuit. Anyway, as you would expect, type your user ID into the top section.
5. Just like most logins, type your password in next. When this is done, go ahead and check the remember me box. This isn't necessary, but it will make this process a lot easier for the next time you want to jump on and look at your finances quick.
6. Below the text boxes is a blue sign in button that you need to press to log in. Since this is the last step, if you had no problems, you will be fully signed in by now.


Resetting your Quickbooks Password:

1. Follow steps one through three above if you aren't still or already at the proper login page.
2. You will see that here on the login page there is a blue link under the password box. Click on this link.
3. Here, intuit is showing why they call themselves intuit, and they offer you a short video you can watch to get your password reset with ease. Watch this video and follow its instructions and you should be back on in no time at all.

Contacting Intuit about Quickbooks:

1. Write Corporate Headquarters at:
2632 Marine Way
Mountain View, CA 94043
2. Call Customer Service at: